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"When I received your e-mail, all I could think of was what I love most about this job: Working with honest, professional, detailed, consummate linguists who have tremendous pride in their craft."

Aymen Khalifa, The MID Foundation

"Sincerely, thank you for the translation service. It felt easy to speak with you and you were always quick to respond. And holy cow, you work fast. In my experience, an equivalent process in Brazil would have taken weeks! I have a few friends in Brazil who might be looking to work/research in English-speaking countries in the future. I will definitely recommend your service to them."

John S. 

"Eliza, once again you took a very difficult subject and made it accessible."

Councilman Rafael Espinoza, District One - Denver

"Thanks Eliza, I appreciate you giving me an explanation so that I can pass along to the client... you are one of our go-to's."

Seth Wargo, Project Manager at Consortra Translations

"Eliza, you were the great find for AJS Translations this year! Thanks for all your hard work!"

Leticia Sifuentes, Owner of AJS Translations

I have another urgent request from [law firm]. They've specifically requested you because of the previous documents you've translated."

Sean Kirschenstein, Project Manager at Official Translate

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